Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Vintage Flamingos

Last Summer I started making my darling daughter a  set of pj's.  I have found that I really don't care for most of the clothing out there.  I will admit I'm a geek at heart so I like slight odd things, but I can never seem to find what I want.  Many of the little kids dresses are simply not appropriate for kids.  That is another soap box for another day.  I have discovered that many vintage patterns, more appropriately vintage reprints of patterns by the big 3 pattern companies have the styles I am looking for.   This past weekend I finally finished up my vintage PJ's for the munchkin.   They were done in 100% cotton flannel.  The print in vintage style Flamingos.  If you didn't know this family likes flamingos yet,  you haven't been reading my blog much.   This kiddo loved them.  What I liked about it was that the thread, and buttons were already in the house and I was able to have them ready for her to wear that night.

The photo is not the best but this kid was so happy to have something made by mommy she wouldn't stop bouncing.   There is a song that Daniel Tiger sings, "Making something for someone, says I love you."  Yeah, I love this little girl.

With her PJ's done by the 31st of January, I could safely say I completed 2 UFO's/ Procrastinations in the month of January.  I am proud of myself.

With that done I am on to another procrastination project.  I never cut it out but I had been wanting a new suit/dress for work.  I like the suit I have now, but the waist on the pants are HUGE!  It is close, but not the style I like.   I have the fabric, but I have a few things to pick up for the dress.  I will get it cut out and started.  Hopefully by this time next week I'll have another item to check off my procrastination list.