Monday, January 25, 2016

Procrastination Challange

I decided to take on the Historical Sew Monthly Challenge for January 2016.  In the group, every month in 2016 they feature a themed challenge. One can sew (or knit, or crochet, or tatt, or embroider, or whatever it is you call making a hat, or otherwise create) a historical (anything pre-WWII, so 1938 and earlier) garment or accessory that fits the theme.

This project has been sitting my UFO box since January of  2013. I had originally cut it out to practice making one for the Pocket Sandwich Theater, or to go with my new Truly Victorian Patterns I was going to make. Neither happened, other than I got the petticoat sewn together all but the bottom ruffle and the waist band.  It was only a couple hours to finish.  Took longer than I thought to gather 5 yards of ruffle onto a 2 yard hem.  Regardless, it is finished.  I don't have a dress to wear it with  just yet, but hopefully that will be rectified.

Materials: 100% unbleached muslin, cotton cord
Pattern: TV170 Victorian Petticoats
Year: 1870-1879
Notions: Cotton Thread, 1/4: wide cotton cord
Historically Accurate: 75%. Modern overlocker, and machine was used
Hours to complete: 4 hours
First Worn: Not yet, need the dress to go with it.
Total cost: $12 USD

 With that done I have started another procrastination project, other than the great sewing / office clean out. I had started making the baby girl a set of vintage PJ's last summer, but never got the top finished.  I'm guessing I had a paid gig come up, which isn't bad, but the project ended up in the UFO pile.  I pulled it out and I was surprised how quickly it has gone together.  Sewing gods being with me, I should have it done by the end of the week.  I think she will like it because she has started "stealing" it to try it on.  

Speaking of procrastination catching up with you I had to laugh a little at myself at one bit of UFO I turned up in my continued trips into the cleaning/ organizing of the sewing room/ office.  I found a bag that had the pattern, fabrics, and such ready for me to make a dress up knights outfit for my oldest nephew.  At the time that is what he was big into doing,  knight and SCA and such.  Yeah, time has past and he has grown up just a bit.  When I originally planned it for him he was wearing a size 7 kids, now he is wearing men's medium shirts and 32x30 jeans.  Not to mention is 14 years old.  It is safe to say this UFO could be broken up as he won't be wanting it anymore.   I'll just have to make him something else now. Panel shirt or cool vests anyone?