Tuesday, January 5, 2016


I really don't like to Procrastinate on projects, but sometimes something comes up and I just don't get around to making something due to work, paid sewing, or just simply life happening.   I decided to join in on  the Historical Sew Monthly Challenge. 
The challenge for the month of January 2016  is Procrastination.  We are to finish a garment you have been putting off  finishing (a UFO or PHD) or make something you have been avoiding starting.   I have had 7-8 yards of a 60" wide wool that I got two years ago at a thrift store.  I have wanted to make a 1870's gown from it for 2 years, but never got around to it.  I want to wear it to an event in February, but worst case I might be able to wear in April (if it is cold enough)  or in November (provided it isn't 90 degrees!)  I'm thinking I may take it into the world of steampunk but we shall see. 

On that same note I have an 1870's petticoat that I started 2 years ago as a "mock up" for the Petticoat I used for the Mrs. Clause project.  I got it all the way to the waist band and ruffle but never finished it.  It wouldn't take much to finish it, but I just have to do it.   It would take 2 hours to complete it, therefore I really do not have an excuse to NOT finish it. That would complete the challenge, but why stop there?

It wouldn't be historical, but I have a PJ top for the munchkin that has been sitting in the UFO pile for 6 months now.  If I don't finish it soon it will go into the  "bless another" pile.  As much as I like making stuff for other people, I would like it to go to the person I planned it for.  I'm silly like that. 

I'm also plotting in the back of my mind a special to me project.  I will not make a wedding dress for someone.  It is too much of an important day for someone and the drama around it is NUTS!  That said, I am going to make a white dress that is based upon a wedding dress from the 1870's for my 15th wedding anniversary.  If something comes up where I can wear it, all the better.  I got to do a little something for our 10th wedding anniversary, but I had to accommodate being 5 months pregnant with our daughter.   While nice, didn't QUITE get what I wanted. Still had fun though.  Our 5th wedding anniversary was spent on the pier of Wellington New Zealand drinking micro brewed beer and eating fish and chips. That wasn't a bad anniversary either I must say.
I designed my wedding dress, but I didn't make it.  I found a different seamstress to make it.  I was in the middle of finals, student teaching, graduating and moving,so I have no regrets having her do it for me.  I got to make my flower girl's dress so I was happy with that.  It may sound silly but I want to up the ante on the dress and see what I can do 15 years later.  It is a little unnerving that at the same time as our anniversary our flower girl will be graduating from High School.  Yes it was 15 years but she is not suppose to grow up!