Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Father Christmas - Part 3

The final parts of the outfits are the shirt , Pants and Boot Tops.  The shirt is fairly simple.  I used Butterick 5008.  This is a pattern I have used 25+  times for different project.  The only thing I do NOT like about it is that it has ties for the cuffs and collar.  Just don't do them, and instead do buttons for the cuffs and adjust the neck slit length so it works for the model to get it over their head but not go to their naval, as this pattern seems to want it to.  I used a 100% white linen for the shirt.  All seams are finished with an over lock stitch.  So far this seems to be the best period shirt  I have made.  I have a 1 " wide brocade trim on the V of the neckline.  This trim matches what is on the pants.

Like the shirt the pants were also done out of linen, but this was a brick red linen blend to give it more substance.  Linen allows more breathe-abily under the coat, and when the weather is warm he can still have his Santa look and not have to wear the full coat.  The pants were made from a 1990's mens' pleated front dress pants pattern.  While previous projects I used a lougewear pant pattern as my base, I treated this as proper mens' pants.   Then go to his ankles in length, and are tucked into his boots to get the look he wants.  These pants have regular trouser pants pockets.  The only alterations I have made on the pants was the waist band and belt loops.  The waist band was widened to about 3". There are two sets of belt loops on the pants.  These correspond to the 2" wide belt that he wears under the coat to keep his pants up.  Then when the coat is not needed he uses the 3" wide loops to carry the 3" belt he typically uses for the coat. This was planned out in advance so no last minute changes were made.  The pants have 1" wide trim that matches the shirt going down the side seam .

The boot covers are as cleaver as they are simple to make.  I got two old tube socks and cut off where his ankle would roughly be.  That edge would become the top of the boot cover.  Using M5050's boot cover pattern, I cut out the band that it would have used, and attached it using regular sewing and the over locker/ serger.  That way the edge was finished.   The way this works is that her puts on his regular boot socks and pants.  He folds his pants so they are snug to his leg (think how you would start tight rolling you jeans.  I know I just dated myself but it is the best example.)  Then he pulls the boot tops on over them so that the fur is about where is boot tops would be.  He then outs on his boots. Once snugly on, the boot top is folded over the top of the boot. This gives the look of it coming out of the boot. You can use this technique to do pirate boot tops, and other creative ideas.

When an outfit is "complete", it is never truly finished.  There is talk of making a special doublet to go with the outfit so the coat can be left in the car if necessary.  This will give him more of a 'Winter Huntsman' look.  This way he can be undercover for Santa.  Now  that you know Father Christmas head to toe, on to Mrs.  Claus.