Tuesday, January 3, 2017

1870's Pumpkin Pie

 As part of the challenge we are encouraged to have a blog post about our project.

Name:  1870's pumpkin Pie
The Challenge: Procrastination
Material: Orange Wool

How historically accurate is it?
Hours to complete:
First worn:
Total cost: $15  for the wool

Somewhere someone told me it is always good to name your projects so you know what you are talking about with others.  It also allows you to reference back when doing other projects.  I decided to call this my Pumpkin Pie dress because it reminds me of 1) that we got the fabric at the disabled veterans thrift store Black Friday sale and 2)  because the orange and white combination reminds me of pumpkin pie and whipped cream.

Honestly the hard part was deciding which pattern I was going to use.  I had barely 7.5 yards of fabric, and to pull off anything nice with this outfit I would have to find a way to make that fabric stretch.  I originally wanted to do the same bodice I did for my Mrs. Claus project, but after getting an amazon gift card I picked up the Polinase pattern from Truly Victorian.  It is considered one of the most challenging patterns, but also one of the more rewarding patterns.  The skirt originally was going to be a fan tail but the event that I would be going to is not very conducive to a train, I decided to go with the basic skirt pattern I used for my underskirt on my Mrs. Claus project.  Nothing wrong with that because that is what it is made for.  All the flare will go to the bodice, not the skirt in this project.

In October of 2016 I got out the wool and cut out and assembled the skirt portion.  The assembly actually wasn't that difficult. My only difficulties came when I realized I had done the seam placket in the right front side seam, not the side BACK seam.  I had already gotten the waist band on by the time I realized it.  Thankfully it only took an hour to resew the seam, and get the waist band back on.  I shortened the skirt three inches, and I also took note of how much the green Mrs. Claus dress touched the ground.  This sent me back to update/ rebuild my bustle, and add a pad to it. (See Bustle Rebuild)  While the skirt isn't terribly heavy the bustle needed to have a solid structure in order to properly support the skirt it's self.  

As I have pretty much everything I need to get started on this, except for time.  I hope to have the bodice portion done for TRF this year.  Wish me luck, and I will keep you posted.