Tuesday, January 3, 2017

So much made so little time...

I've been bad posting here about all the projects I have been working on.  Be on the look out for about 7-8 posts about various projects I completed last year.  Most of them I am proud of doing,  some I'm not quite happy with but they are complete. 

So far I have a few things on my  to make list for 2017. 

My husband got me Truly Victorian 416 -1875 Ball Gown Basque for Christmas.  My intention is to make a new evening bodice for Mrs. Claus.  This will give me a 2nd look for the outfit that is possibly cooler that the original one.  If I'm lucky maybe I can also pick up a trained skirt to make a nice under skirt to go with it as well.  I need this for TRF's Celtic Christmas.  We won the last time we were there, and I would like to win again.

A client has placed an order for a Inverness Coat.  We will be using the  Reconstructing History Inverness Coat pattern.   Right now we are looking a  midweight 10-12oz wool or wool blend, lined with either cotton or linen.   He needs it by April 1st.

The munchkin has fallen in love with Steam Powered Giraffe.  They are a really cool bad out of southern California with a nice Steam punk fan base.   She asked me to make her a steam punk outfit based off the character 'Rabbit' from the band.  She already has a nice top hat.  I want to make her a circle skirt base, with very poofy red petticoat, white tights, and then a long sleeve bodice.  It would need a "bib" portion added to get the robot portion added to it. Add some red gloves, and her dad make her some faux goggles, and she is on her way to being steam punk, junior addition.

Other things are a red dress for me for next Christmas, a white 1950's wedding dress for our anniversary, then a green velvet elf dress for the munchkin for next Christmas.  I was going to have to make her a belly dancer outfit but after a little bartering she has one one the way.  The hubby wanted a Santa's workshop vest for those hot temperature events.  The trick on that will be the embroidery we want to do on the vest.  I want holly and Christmas stuff, but I also don't want it to be tacky either.  Wish me luck.

 On top of all that sewing I want to do, I am going back to school to get a second bachelor's degree in Art History.  My goal is to be working with , rebuilding, and conserving the rich textile art around us all.  For the past 4 years I have been the one at home taking care of things while the hubby finishes his Masters degree in Aesthetic Studies with a focus on Theater for Children. Now it is my turn.  I am both terrified, and excited about this new challenge in life.  I hope to be able to keep you posted on all my projects.  Talk to you soon!