Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Sexy stepford wives outfits, with a Jelly donut on top

Pattern image from McCalls.com site
In July 2016 I did another theater show.  It wasn't your normal show by any means.  It was a campy spoof on those 1950-1960's monster/ alien movies.  My major challenge for the show was the 5 She bot outfits needed for the show.  4 are to be gun metal grey and decorate like sexy robots, while the 5th is to be pink and 'donuts' themed.

I started with McCallas pattern 7398. Recently McCalls has started doing pattern specifically for Co play people to use as bases to make their costumes. This is one of them.  I am coming to like the pattern because there are so many possibilities for costumes using this as the base.

My challenge was getting the proper measurements for the actresses.  I took the job much later due to drama happening.  Normally I would have done the measuring at read through.  That did not happen.  I was able to get two of the 4 girl's measurements 2.5 weeks before opening,  but the last two didn't happen  until 10 days before opening!   YIKES!!  Regardless things did will work out.

The pattern it's self isn't necessarily hard.  It is essentially a long corset.  The pattern helps you out somewhat because it provides for cup sizes A-D.  Anything larger than that would need adjustment accordingly.   The big thing is to make a mock up on this project.  Just like you wouldn't make a corset with out a mock up, do it on this one.

The pattern is 4 pattern pieces with 4 layers of each piece.  You have your main fabric on the outside.  That is flat lined with either a twill or canvas to give it more structure.  Then the lining is made of cotton, and has medium weight interfacing.  What gives the outfit it's structure is the boning.  It uses STEEL!  A lot of outfits use plastic boning but this one uses proper 1/4"  spiral and straight steel.  I happen to have some on hand otherwise getting them in time would be tricky.

My greatest problem with this was fitting them to the actresses.  This project takes time, patience, mock ups and fittings.   I think they turned out OK.  I'm just not as happy with them as I would have liked.  Due to having to redo each outfit 3-6 times. (Yes I said 6 times!) I was unable to put in the time for decorative details I would have liked. If I got the chance to go back and work more on the project I think I would have more luck.  I didn't care for the tutu's they added at the last minute as they didn't match well, and didn't fit with the design.  It really needed long gloves, and maybe even the sexy boots thing going on.  Then more  robot-ish styling to it.  Oh well, it hit the stage, no one was hurt, I learned something,  and the world still turn.  On to the next project!